Aptakisic-Tripp CCSD 102

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District 102 Information

Welcome to District 102!  District 102 exists to serve the children of this community, and to that end, we have established a strategic direction which supports our mission to "empower all learners to excel."


Every day, every student will come to school and be met with learning opportunities at his/her personal developmental level in all subject areas. He/she will leave school having been challenged, feeling successful, and looking forward to tomorrow.


Please visit the Board of Education webpage for names and numbers.

District 102 Strategic Planning

Unlike a business, a public institution cannot measure success by counting profits earned or widgets produced. Instead, progress must constantly be measured against the vision. In the fall of 2010, D102 students, teachers, administrators, parents, and other community representatives worked collaboratively to create a product that would determine the direction and monitor progress toward new goals. The work of this group resulted in a five-year strategic plan called Learning Vision into Action with goals in Personalization and Academic Rigor, Life and Learning, Human Capital, and Writing. National conference goers will learn how District 102 leveraged 21st Century tools to engage stakeholders, solicit community input, archive processes, and communicate results. Visit http://d102.org/learningvision/ for more information on D102's Strategic Design process.

District 102 Five-Year Goals

Life and Learning
Every student will think, communicate, explore situations and solve problems in challenging learning environments and rich experiences incorporating the latest learning models and resources.

Personalization and Academic Rigor
Every student will participate in rigorous, engaging experiences that facilitate personalized learning and foster high self-efficacy and intrinsic motivation.

Every student will write authentically with intent and purpose, across a variety of genres, audiences, content areas, and contexts using developmentally appropriate resources.

Human Capital
To meet the ever-changing needs of diverse learners and multiple learning styles, District 102 will continue to recruit, develop, and support exceptional teachers.

View the annual strategies for our Learning Vision into Action.

Aptakisic-Tripp District 102 Scorecard

At the core of the Learning Vision Into Action (LVIA) planning process is a focus on student learning. While acknowledging that high levels of academic achievement are valued (and achieved) in D102, it has never been our intent to focus solely on improving test scores. We are committed to developing confident, competent, and caring citizens who are prepared to lead in a world transformed by modern technologies, global interdependence, and economic uncertainty. 

Guided by the goal areas of our Learning Vision Into Action, we established rigorous benchmarks aligned with this long range plan. The scorecard shows metrics that contribute toward this benchmark in the areas of Student Learning and Academic Rigor, Measures of Organizational Health, Quality Personnel, Communication and Customer Service, and Fiscal Health. View District 102's Scorecard.

District 102 History

The first school in the Township or in Lake County was begun in 1836 with one teacher, Laura B. Sprague. The log schoolhouse was also used for church services and located in Half Day which is now known as Lincolnshire, Illinois. Another town was developing nearby at this time and was called Aptakisic. It was named after the Indian Chief Aptakee. Aptakee in the Indian language means “Sun at the meridian/High noon/half day.” Reference: Foundation of Education paper by Florence Dulak, July 17, 1985.

In April 1842, the school Board of Trustees for Vernon Township divided the township into multiple school districts. Between 1842 and 1867 the boundaries of these school districts changed many times to reflect the growing communities. In 1902, the districts were reduced to two, Aptakisic District 102 and Tripp District 104. On April 22, 1955, District 102 and 104 consolidated into Aptakisic-Tripp Community Consolidated School District 102. On April 14, 1956, a referendum was held for $150,000 to build a six-room schoolhouse. The school opened in September of 1956.

By the following summer, the community continued to grow so that it was necessary to rent additional space for the seventh and eighth grades. The new Aptakisic-Tripp School opened on September 3, 1957. For the next fifteen to twenty years the community retained its rural quality and the population stabilized. Beginning in the late 1970’s, the community began to expand rapidly as the suburbs began moving northwest. In September 1978, the district rented Miner Junior High School in Arlington Heights to house its sixth through eighth grades while housing kindergarten through fifth grade at the Aptakisic School on Weiland Road.

During 1979, the district held a referendum asking the community to build a thirty-classroom elementary school to support the rapidly growing enrollments. That building known as Pritchett School opened in the fall of 1981. While waiting for the building to be completed in September of 1980 the district found it necessary to change its configuration and rent Carl Sandburg Elementary School in Wheeling to house students from kindergarten to fourth grade. The Aptakisic School located on Weiland Road now was set to service grades five through eight. Growth continued and in 1987 the community once again came together to support the building of a second elementary school, Tripp School located on Highland Grove, and the major expansion of Aptakisic School located on Weiland. The renovation and addition to the junior high school doubled in size from 75,000 to 150,000 square feet. Finally in 1993, the voters in the community approved the construction of the Meridian Middle School located in the Northwest section of the district on Brandywyn Lane.

Today the district is housed in two kindergarten though fourth grade buildings (Tripp and Pritchett Elementary Schools), Meridian Middle School grades five and six, and Aptaksic Junior High School grades seven through eight. Aptakisic-Tripp CCSD 102 covers approximately seven square miles in southern Lake County, Illinois. District 102 serves students from Buffalo Grove, Prairie View, and unincorporated sections of Deerfield and Wheeling, and is a feeder district to Adlai E. Stevenson High School. The student population for the 2010-2011 school year was approximately 2,032 students.

2013 District 102 Report Card

Visit illinoisreportcard.com to view District and school report cards. The Online Report Card offers an in-depth view of school- and district-level information. The At-a-Glance Report Card provides a simple, one-page, printable view of a school or district’s most important information.

District Office
1231 Weiland Rd.
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847-634-5334 Fax

Aptakisic Junior High
1231 Weiland Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847-634-5347 Fax

Meridian Middle School
2195 Brandywyn
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847-634-4229 Fax
Pritchett Elementary
200 Horatio Blvd
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847-215-3259 Fax
Tripp Elementary
850 Highland Grove
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
847-215-3268 Fax
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Aptakisic-Tripp Community Consolidated School District 102 does not discriminate on the basis of disabilities in the admission or access to its programs or activities. We invite individuals requiring reasonable accommodation to contact the Superintendent's Office (847).353.5660) at least 48 hours before the scheduled meeting time.